At Redecentralise , we help organisations to realize the new promise of the digital economy by researching on topics on cryptocurrencies adoption, decentralisation models and implementation of blockchain technologies.

We also want to share independent insights and industry updates with our community through opinion and well-researched articles written by experts.

Our community of experts will also work closely with policy makers, regulators and governments to provide feedback strategic feedback on concerning topics. We will also work with associations, lobbyists, journalists, and universities to understand all perspectives.

Redecentralise would like to position ourselves as a think tank in the future. We want to be your voice.



Redefine crypto decentralisation

Decentralization can also promote democracy and equality, because it gives individuals and groups more control over their own affairs. Ideally in decentralized systems communities take control. Why are the communities not taking control?

Decentralisation accountability measures

Ensuring transparency is key. Making information about decision-making and actions taken by those in positions of power readily available can help to promote accountability.

Decentralized cryptocurrency systems

There are many different decentralized cryptocurrency systems, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, each with its own unique features and characteristics. These systems have gained popularity due to their potential to revolutionize traditional financial systems and offer greater financial freedom and independence.

Cryptocurrencies in developing countries

Cryptocurrency has the potential to be particularly impactful in developing countries, where traditional financial systems may be less developed or less accessible to certain populations.

Innovation and productivity

The use of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize traditional financial and business systems and increase efficiency and productivity.

DAO governance models

A DAO, or decentralized autonomous organization, is a type of organization that is run using blockchain technology and operates without the need for a central authority. DAOs typically operate through a system of voting, in which members of the organization can vote on proposals or decisions related to the organization's operations. Are the votes transparent?


In crypto, views from minorities are ignored. The information flow is always kept within a closed group. The kept information leaves a bad taste for our industry and we need to improve that. Redecentralise will share insights and be your voice.