We are an independent and not-for-profit organisation that believes in the future of decentralisation. We believe there is a need to redecentralise to help the industry. Decentralisation is not about getting rid of banks and governments. Let's redecentralise. 


Centralisation with boundaries

Defining boundaries is a fundamental principle of our "Redecentralisation Movement." While there is strength in numbers, we strive to empower users to take a stand for their beliefs, have a say in projects entrusted with elevating them to greater heights, and give them voting power. Although centralisation can offer several benefits, such as cost savings, standardisation, and sharing of best practices, we believe in balancing those benefits with the importance of individual ownership and decentralised decision-making.

Decentralisation with accountability

The "Redecentralisation Movement" also prioritises accountability, as it recognises that decentralisation can sometimes lead to challenges in ensuring that everyone involved is held responsible for their actions. To overcome these challenges, the movement seeks to establish clear boundaries, promote user participation in decision-making, and implement effective mechanisms for oversight and governance. By doing so, the movement aims to promote transparency, responsibility, and accountability within decentralised organisations.


Best of both worlds

The "best of both worlds" scenario for integrating cryptocurrencies and traditional finance involves a strategic integration of the benefits of both industries while mitigating their downsides. This could involve creating hybrid financial products and services, or developing new technologies or platforms that provide fast and easy accessibility to financial tools and services, while also offering a high level of regulation and oversight, and ensuring secure ownership and transfer of digital assets. By achieving this, a new and improved financial system could emerge that offers the advantages of both cryptocurrencies and traditional finance.

Trustless with Trust

Trustless with Trust is a system that allows individuals to engage in transactions without needing to trust the other party involved. This is achieved through decentralized technologies like blockchain that provide transparency and immutability. To ensure anonymity, user identity is encrypted, and responsibility for safeguarding assets is shared between the centralised organisation and the individual. By combining the benefits of decentralization with a higher level of responsibility and transparency, Trustless with Trust systems offer individuals a high degree of autonomy and security in their transactions.


In the world of cryptocurrency, the fight against centralised authority has always been an uphill battle. While the autonomy of crypto has some benefits, it is not a full-stack solution as each project has a different approach. To address this, the redecentralisation movement seeks to combine the best of both worlds.